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25th to 26th January 2018 @ Don Chan Palace Hotel, Vientiane, LAO

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6th ASEAN CIO Forum (ACF) 2018 will be hosted by Ministry Posts and Telecommunications of LAOS PDR and together with ASEAN CIO Association on 25th to 26th January 2018 @ Don Chan Palace Hotel & Convention Hall B, 1st Floor, Vientiane, LAO. The first ACF was held in Bangkok, Thailand 2012 and led by the CIO16 Association together with approval of ASEAN TELSOM/TELMIN; followed by 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia supported by BPPT, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur supported by MAMPU. In 2015, it was held in Brunei Darussalam authorising by Prime Minister Office and well-co-ordinated by E-Government National Centre. 5th forum was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with co-hosted by Ministry Post and Telecommunication of Cambodia.

ASEAN CIO Forum is one preferred platform chosen by CXOs to share their thoughts leadership and to gather their fellow peers to touch based on latest development in technology, innovation, human capital development and leadership subjects in particular experiencing how others have leap frogged their competition leveraging on digital transformation.

This is a must-attend annual forum for CIOs defining together with CEOs or heads of enterprises year after year, the ASEAN CIO Forum is the most comprehensive and respected CIOs event across Asean++. Join us to gain insights and foresights from experienced CIOs on how to manage the entire digital economy that demands emerging technologies, disruptive innovation to achieve strategic business objectives in the era of digital economy. It will be a valuable opportunity to create an ASEAN ICT Community program that produces business outcome-driven results. Case studies on challenges and successes would be shared amongst participants via plenary and keynotes.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic has a population crossing the 7 million mark and largest capital city is Vientiane that is constantly vibrant and exciting. It is the nation’s centre of economic, cultural heritage, centre of security, politics, diplomacy and lots of industrial activities along with the beautiful green initiatives. Laos is one of the least urbanized countries in Southeast Asia but have now started their ICT Masterplan for rolling out their plans on digital economy and transformation.

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