What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and why is it important to us here at ACIOA?

CSR refers to the capacity of companies to manage their business in a manner that positively impacts society and the environment. Companies demonstrate their commitment to CSR in a number of ways like philanthropy, reducing carbon footprints and engaging in ethical labour practices.

Here at ACIOA, we are dedicated to improving the quality of living in ASEAN through the use of ICT in revolutionising the economy. We recognise our position to effect great positive change beyond the realm of business and the necessity of developing empathy and humility in our corporate and technology leaders.

To support this cause, we launched ACIOA’s Givers’ Day – an annual event organised by ACIOA with the goal of giving back to the community. Giver’s Day brings together ACIOA CIOs, technology experts, government representatives and other volunteers to make a positive difference in the lives of others for a day, with activities ranging from excursions with the elderly and disadvantaged, to conducting learning fairs in schools and colleges where our CIOs get to share invaluable career tips and life lessons with students, and also collaborating with local charities and foundations.

We invite all ACIOA members and volunteers from the ICT-industry to be a part of this meaningful engagement with the community.