ASEAN Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities

The ASEAN Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities is an initiative conceived to celebrate advancements in IT and enhance knowledge on the potential of Smart Technologies in both the public and private domains. It will see the development of cutting-edge facilities in the heart of ASEAN metropolises. Centralised hubs for business leaders to learn about the new ICT-driven corporate solutions from a host of tech vendors in diverse fields of specialisation, these Centres will accelerate the digital transformation of ASEAN industries.

The Centres of Excellence will also be a place for specialised training in ICT, offering a host of workshops and courses designed to allow the general public to be acquainted with basic software and applications, as well as enable professionals to delve into more complex digital tools. An online portal will also ensure people from across the region have access to resources developed and showcased at the facilities.

The ASEAN Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities aims to provide the community and economy with opportunities to explore the benefits of SMART-integration through an interactive experience.