ASEAN Crowdfunding Platform

Working closely with our allied specialist in crowd sourcing - CrowdFunding Asia™ - we aim to create the platform for entrepreneurs, investors and the masses to connect and collaborate. With the proliferation of digital tools like smart phones and computers along with the internet becoming more readily accessible, businesses can now look to the online crowd as an alternative avenue for fundraising and marketing to potential consumers.

The ASEAN Crowdfunding platform will serve a crucial role in supporting projects for ASEAN communities. Given the relative difficulty in securing funds for public initiatives in less prosperous communities, crowdfunding is a viable alternative solution. Individuals and organisations from across the nation and region can now easily come together to share the weight of contributing to genuine and meaningful projects such as upgrading public transport systems to be safer and more reliable or constructing infrastructure in rural villages to supply the local populace with basic resources like electricity and clean water.

Leveraging on increased connectivity between people, the ASEAN Crowdfunding Platform initiative promotes ASEAN self-sufficiency, giving the people the capacity to create business opportunities for local innovation and deliver solutions to domestic challenges as a cohesive region.