Intellectual Property Management (IPM) refers to the protection of the exclusive rights to original works granted to businesses, artists and inventors. In today’s knowledge-driven economy, proprietary information is an asset that must be properly managed to safeguard the economic interests of businesses.

The establishment of robust Intellectual Property Management infrastructure and legal frameworks is key in encouraging ASEAN innovation and creativity, allowing the region to climb the global technology ladder and our industries to become more competitive on the international stage.

In conjunction with the measures outlined in the AEC 2025 Blueprint for ‘Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Cooperation’, ACIOA seeks to harness the capabilities of modern information systems technology to support the continual improvement of the regional platform for IPM - the ASEAN IP Portal - in areas such as service delivery, data centralisation and accessibility, and asset commercialisation. We are also focused on improving the awareness and respect for IP, encouraging its utilisation by firms in the region.

Our ASEAN IPM initiative aims to help ASEAN enterprises grow into leading global corporations with deep penetration into foreign markets, forging a recognised and respected ‘ASEAN’ brand.