Chayatawatch Atibaedya

Chief Legal Advisor


Mr. Chayatawatch is one of an outstanding expert in Intellectual Property as well as Electronic Commerce law and management in Thailand. He practices legal professional as Attorney-in-Law in Thailand for more than 30 years; whereas his interest extends to investment on innovative business as well as several academic fields.

He holds position as President – Intellectual Property Promotion Association of Thailand (IPPAT); President – Intellectual Property Sub-Committee for Agriculture Research Development Agency; Vice President – Thailand Innovation Management Group, Thailand Management Association; Vice President – Thailand’s Association of the Federation of Arts, Culture and Literatures; Director – Law Drafting Committee, Lawyer Society of Thailand under His majesty the King’s Patronage; Secretary & Director – Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise; Secretary/Director- ASEAN Chief Information Officer Association; Chief of Executive Officer – SGeneration Co., Ltd; and Managing Partner – Reungchaiyuth Law: International Legal Counselors. He has Attorney-at-Law Certificate from Lawyer Society of Thailand under His majesty the King’s Patronage as well as Patent Attorney Certificate from the Department of Intellectual Property Department of Thailand.

In academic, he is invited as guest professor and lecturer in Ramkhamhaeng University and Rajabhat University giving lectures in several legal and management subjects such as International Trade and Economic Law, Business Law, Intellectual Law and Management, Electronic Commerce Law; and Cyber Crime Law. He holds Master in International Business Administration from Nova Southern University from Florida, USA.; Barrister-at-Law from Institute of Education Thai Bar Association; Bachelor of Law from Ramkhamhaeng University; and currently he is studying in Master of Science Program in Forensic Informatics in Ramkhamhaeng University.