Sok Puthyvuth

Cambodia Councillor


Secretary of States, Ministy of Posts and Telecummunications; CAMBODIA
President of Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF),
President of ICT Federation of Cambodia (ICTF),
CEO/Director SOMA Group Co., Ltd.Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mr. SOK Puthyvuth was born in 1980 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He went to school in the United States in 1993, where he attended high school in Richmond, Virginia. Then he went on to attend Virginia Military Institute (Lexington, VA) in 1998, and obtain a BA in Economics and Business with minor in Computer Science in 2002. After which he went on to do his Master Program at EUROMED (Marseille, France) in Management, then worked in London, UK in 2004 for BNP in the banking sector. In 2005,​he came back to Cambodia and work in the accounting department with a local petroleum company, Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd. And in 2007, he founded SOMA Group, which focuses on agriculture, education, and infrastructure, which include energy, water and construction.

In May 2014 he was elected as the president of Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) which was found to unite all rice related associations in Cambodia into one in order to push toward development of rice industry as well as to improve the living standard in Cambodia.

In July 2014, he is also elected as the president of ICT Federation of Cambodia to unite all ICT related associations in Cambodia into one and to bring ICT as tools to improve the way of doing agriculture in Cambodia.

In the past 8 years, he has been working hard in modernizing the way we run organization. He has learnt how to use technology to help us improve our productivity and all aspect of our lives, especially in agriculture sector. Finally, he decided to dedicate most of his time to involve in rice and ICT sector in order to bring technology to help agriculture industry in Cambodia.

Mr. SOK Puthyvuth is married to Mrs. HUN Maly with three sons and one daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family and social activities beside his tight working schedule.