CIO Consulting

As the digital transformation of the world continues to pick up speed, ICT has taken a front-row seat in creating new revenue and improving efficiency in business. However, with the increasing complexity of information systems and technology, CIOs and IT project-owners face a daunting task of managing critical factors like budget allocation, alignment of innovation with business, quality assurance, HR management and vendor accountability.

The CIO position has also become one of greater strategic importance to a company; the path to becoming one is not as clearly defined as other tracks, and can be intimidating to novices.

With ACIOA’s strong corporate community of experienced CIOs and infocomm technologists, we have the right people to assist you in all phases of your IT project and CIO career. We offer a comprehensive list of services, including:

  • Complete assessment and advisement as part of project management
  • Transformation of team dynamics and organisation
  • Counsel on professional development for CIO career track

When you partner with ACIOA, you work with ASEAN’s best in realising the full potential of your information technology assets and ideas, carving out a truly competitive edge for your business like no other.