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The ASEAN CIO Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote the success of ICT industry leaders across the Association of South East Nations. Through the activities and the programs of the ACIO, we will lead an adept community of CIOs, create opportunities to share expertise, and develop relationships with an open mindset.

Our primary mission is to develop communication and information-sharing bridges across our CIO community. Though we work in a highly technical industry, we focus on building business relationships. We provide opportunities for cross-industry and cross-nation sharing of business experience, leadership techniques, and technology expertise.

Our goal: to enable ASEAN technology leaders to compete worldwide with best-in-class industry and ICT community support. Come join us!


Our Contributions to the ICT Community

The fundamental purpose of our efforts is to build a strong and active community of ICT leaders”ready for action, promoting change, and moving the ASEAN forward into positions of world-class impact. To achieve this, the ACIOA will provide a diverse array of activities, programs, resources, and membership benefits.

Our programs focus on information sharing at the executive level. Through meetings, workshops, and forums, ICT industry leaders have the opportunity to meet their peers and build personal alliances. To facilitate the on-going development of expertise, the ACIOA will develop resources that include Academy training, CIO consulting, and Centres of Excellence.

We will work with the ICT leadership community to build a “Smart ASEAN in partnership with the industry leaders who have succeeded and are ready to share their accomplishments.

Call for ``YAKSHA Ambassadors``

The YAKSHA project will recruit an important number of “YAKSHA Ambassadors”, who shall act as voluntary representatives of the YAKSHA project in the ASEAN countries. The YAKSHA Ambassador community shall cover all ASEAN countries and further develop the international cooperation network of the project.YAKSHA Ambassadors shall be active in the field of cybersecurity, software and/or more largely in internet security and defence, have experience in working with cybersecurity in Europe or ASEAN Member States, and also be potential end-users of the YAKSHA outcomes. They will have access to an extensive network of European and ASEAN stakeholders active in the field of cyber technology, and thus be able to engage and contribute to a leading project in their field in ASEAN countries. For some Ambassadors, there will also be the possibility to test the YAKSHA technology through end user events.
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