ASEAN Sustainability and Green Environment


ASEAN Sustainability and Green Environment

In addition to Smart Economies and Smart People, Smart Environmental Management is also a hallmark of the Smart Cities we are building towards. The digital transformation of our industries will not create Smart Cities for the betterment of the quality of living in ASEAN if present-day business practices contributing to pressing ecological issues of climate change and resource scarcity are not eradicated.

ASEAN Sustainability and Green Environment aims to elevate the environmental awareness of ASEAN business leaders and entrepreneurs, providing education on how irresponsible business practices such as chemical dumping present long-term health risks to humans and the environment.

Under the initiative, efforts will be made into investigating potential negative consequences of the extensive integration of ICT across diverse industries, like the problem of e-waste accumulation and increasing demand for power as more aspects of our lives go electronic. Working closely with the ASEAN Service, Research and Innovation agency, the focus will be on the exploration how ICT can support Green Building and Green Energy developments for the future, as well as distributing and promoting the adoption of Green ICT solutions within our industries.

This ensures the sustainable growth of Smart ASEAN and safeguards the health of the community for the foreseeable future.