ASEAN Business Collaboration and Consultancy


ASEAN Business Collaboration and Consultancy

The fundamental element of a Smart City is that ICT has to be the overall enabler in improving or reinventing the way we live and the way the economy is run. The ASEAN Business Collaboration and Consultancy is the first step in transforming industry sentiment on cooperating to achieve penetration into domestic and foreign markets.

ACIOA supports the development of a centralised portal for multi-national corporations and local enterprises to source and offer replicable expertise in setting up businesses in the member states of ASEAN; expertise spanning domains such as domestic legal frameworks, national consumer demographics and physical site surveys and assessments. With ACIOA’s strong network of CIOs and business executives from the region, we have the resources in place to readily assist firms looking to expand their operating centres across ASEAN, evolving the business landscape into a dynamic environment.

This initiative aims to create an economy of industries that, while not directly involved in the ICT trade, are in tune with the capabilities of ICT-enabled services. In doing so, we enhance the attributes of ‘Productivity’ and ‘Local & Global Interconnectedness’ of a Smart ASEAN Economy.