Building Tomorrow’s Solutions Together

The ACIOA Cybersecurity Hackathon sets to spur innovation and build
tomorrow’s cybersecurity solutions through collaborative efforts across
ASEAN’s cybersecurity community and stakeholders.

This exciting design thinking event will bring together policymakers,
community partners, enterprises and end-users across ASEAN to solve
real-world cybersecurity challenges, further fostering a shared
responsibility in building cyber resilience and sustainability for
businesses, communities and nations.

The inaugural ACIOA Cybersecurity Hackathon this year is proudly
launched by the ASEAN Chief Information Officer Association’s
Cybersecurity Chapter and Image Engine and powered by Thinkspace.


Be a Part of ACIOA Cybersecurity Hackathon 2022

Supporting Partners/Sponsors

Lend your voice and support in promoting innovation and partnerships
by building critical cybersecurity capabilities across the communities in

A grassroots initiative, the Hackathon also serves as an excellent
platform for our partners and sponsors to contribute their expertise
through evaluation feedback and gain first-hand insights into the
communities’ voices.

If you are interested to be a supporting partner or sponsor, please
contact Ms Joanne Tan at


Cybersecurity innovation begins with you.

Collaborate and learn with fellow cybersecurity practitioners across the
region and bring game-changing solutions to transform ASEAN’s
cybersecurity landscape.

The winning teams will be awarded total cash prizes up to S$22,000.




“This first Hackathon aims to bring together like-minded community
members to share their respective initiatives, projects and technical
solutions for the benefit of the larger cyber community in the ASEAN
region. Together we can create a secure and sustainable digital
marketplace for the region and improve the living standard of its
people. I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing your active
participation in the ACIOA Cybersecurity Hackathon 2022.”

– Mr Ng Hoo Ming, Advisor & President for Cybersecurity &
Governance Chapter, ASEAN Chief Information Officer
Association (ACIOA)


ACIOA Cybersecurity Hackathon 2022 Problem Statements

1: How might we identify and alert SMEs about
cybersecurity breaches?

Potential Solution: Develop an early warning intelligence
platform/centre that detects if SMEs are victims of cybersecurity
breaches, and immediately alerts them of the threats.

2: How might we filter phishing emails to protect end-user
assets and devices?

Potential Solution: Develop an anti-phishing solution to identify
and filter phishing emails with a high degree of accuracy.

3: How might we protect the privacy of data on the cloud?

Potential Solution: Develop a solution that identifies, de-
identifies user identity (e.g. personally identifiable information) or
anonymises user data in a scalable and efficient manner.
4: How might we educate people and raise awareness about

Potential Solution: Develop an educational toolkit or solution
for people to learn about different types of cybersecurity threats
and prevention methods.

5: How might we help SMEs identify their current
cybersecurity defence gaps in the following areas:

1. Mitigation
2. Detection
3. Incident Response
4. Recovery

Potential Solution: Develop a cybersecurity assessment tool to
help SMEs identify their current cybersecurity defence gaps.

About the Organisers

ASEAN CIO Association

The ASEAN CIO Association (ACIOA) is a non-profit
organisation formed in 2014 to provide the platform for greater
collaboration and sharing of ICT best practices amongst CIOs,
industry leaders and public sector representatives. We recognise
the immense value of business relationships in the highly
technical field of information systems management, believing the
development of an active community of ICT leaders is key to
ASEAN’s success in the digital age.

ACIOA offers a diverse array of activities, programmes and
resources to support ASEAN ICT leaders with opportunities for
information sharing and education at the executive level.
Through monthly meetings, annually held ASEAN CIO Forums,
strategic partnerships with regional ICT associations as well as
resources like CIO Consulting and Business Bridge, we enable
CIOs to build invaluable personal alliances and tap on the
expertise of accomplished ASEAN ICT leaders.

Image Engine

Image Engine is a full-service B2B technology event producer
and organiser, conceived to deliver innovative content, critical
business intelligence and connectivity across the community of
end-users, vendors and government agencies. With a strong
knowledge base and industry networks within the Asian region,
Image Engine enables partners to access their markets
effectively, to deliver information solutions to the best qualified
audience in the best possible environment. Image Engine is the
Organiser for GovWare Conference and Exhibition, and has
been the event partner for Singapore International Cyber Week
(SICW) since 2016.

About Thinkspace

Thinkspace is the next-generation innovation platform helping organizations to structure,
digitalize and manage the best ideas anytime, anywhere.

Using technology to level the playing field, Thinkspace empowers people to inject their
creativity and brilliant ideas to address problem-focused challenges. Harness the
collective intelligence from cross-discipline collaboration plus real-time brainstorming to
develop holistic solutions and leverage on built-in analytics to facilitate data-driven
innovation for your organization.