ASEAN Service, Research and Innovation

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ASEAN Service, Research and Innovation

As the ASEAN economy and cities integrate into the Internet of Things, continually pushing the boundaries of IT is necessary to ensure sustainable and socially-beneficial progress. The ASEAN Service, Research and Innovation initiative aims to establish a regional Think-Tank organisation to lead efforts in understanding the needs of our vertical industries and how best to meet them.

This will be achieved through collaborated innovation and research into emerging ICT solutions and effective policy models. Examples of how we intend to leverage ICT as an overall enabler would be in the transport industry, where utilisation of big data and open data analytic tools would improve the end-to-end customer experience of public transport commuters as well as help reduce congestion on roads with real-time monitoring and advisory, and in the manufacturing sector where streamlining machine-to-machine communication in automated plants through cloud computing greatly increases productivity.

ACIOA will draw upon the expertise of its active community of CIOs and strong alliance of South-East Asian ICT associations to support ASEAN’s establishment of a central research and innovation agency.