Representatives Roundtable Exchange 7 ACF


ASEAN CIO Representatives Roundtable Exchange

This annual flagship activity will gather CIOs or and participating ten countries representatives at a roundtable. It will be a significant energy of togetherness to drive discussion towards the next action as well to identify the next host country on voluntarily basis. The ground theme “Your Country; Our ASEAN” has kept strong reminder on the close ties each country takes pride and honour to be a part of this effort believing ICT holds a key stake to serve the country growing needs in the digital economy.
This year ASEAN CIO Roundtable will be driven by ACIOA and her councillors where insights and approaches towards SmartASEAN 2020 vision will be discussed. A two-hour session will explore boundaries on putting the Information Communication Technology behind every human experience and combine inputs from other industry thought leaders. Some wisdom from roundtable participants:
I. Learning success and failure from each country
II. Every nation has a part to contribute to support the emerging countries
III. The path towards a SmartASEAN take a lot of discomfort and challenges. This is a seeding session to appreciate and understand what need to get done and what it takes to combine efforts for a cohesive ASEAN.
IV. Councillors are identified, hand-picked and must be recommended by existing councillors, finally approved by President – Mr. Chaicharearn Atibaedya
     1. Assisted by two Vice President
          i. Dr.Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc.
          Vice President (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore)
          Chairman at The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia
          ii. Dr. Komain Pibulyarojana,
          Vice President (Cambodia, Laos PRD, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam), Founder and Managing Director T-Net CO., LTD.
     2. Vital Function:
          i. Association Secretary, Dr. Nantawan Wongkachonitti, Thailand Student Loan, Deputy Director
          ii. Chief Legal Advisor, Mr. Chayatawatch Atibaedya
          iii. Global Relationship Officer, Hong Sin Kwek, Sinwattana Crowdfunding Platform, Founder & CEO
     3. Countries Councillors:-
          i. Brunei Darussalam: Mr. Wallace Koh, Advisor of Software development company
          ii. Cambodia: Mr.Sok Puthywuth, Secretary of States, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, MPTC
          iii. Laos PDR: Mr.Phoukhonk Chithoblok, Director General of Planning and Cooperation Department, MPT
          iv. Indonesia: Mr.Andi Budimansyah, Chairman, FIIB (Government Sector) and Ms.Ibu Sri Safitri, Digital Director, Telekomsel (Private Sector)
          v. Malaysia: Dr. Fazidah Abu Bakarict, Consulting Division and Pn Hanissul Jalis binti Md Yusoff, Application Development Division, MAMPU, Prime Minister’s Department

          vi. Philippines: Ex Brigadier General Nicolas D Ojeda Jr.(RET), Deputy Executive Director for Cybersecurity and Operations of the Department of Information and Communications Technology
          vii. Singapore: Mr.Toh Seong Wah, CEO, Energy Market Company Pte Ltd (EMC)
          viii. Thailand: TBA
          ix. Special Focus
               1. Mr.Jayren Teo, YOUTH Councillor
               2. TBA, WOMAN Councillor
          x. Pending and in consideration
               1. Myanmar
               2. Vietnam
V. Membership and alliance updates.