The ASEAN ID initiative aims to facilitate intra-ASEAN travel through the implementation of a regional passport system for citizens of our member states. A holder of an ‘ASEAN ID’ faces minimal resistance in crossing the borders of ASEAN’s constituent nations.

The initiative recognises the importance of easing border regulation without compromising security. To begin with, immigration and customs procedures will be harmonised across the 10 member nations, ensuring personnel security checks adhere to a consistent and rigorous standard throughout the region. ICT will perform an integral role in the management of ASEAN citizen databases and comprehensive traveller identification systems, integrating 21st century capabilities like biometric authentication as countermeasures to identity theft and illegal emigration of prosecuted individuals.

There a number of benefits from the institution of an ASEAN ID, such as:

  • Lengthy delays at customs checkpoints will be reduced, lowering the cost of business for employers of ASEAN citizens in the transport of goods and commodities across borders
  • Improved ease of access and travel for ASEAN citizens will provide a boost to intra-regional tourism volumes
  • In line with one of the AEC Blueprint 2025’s defining pillars – A Highly Integrated and Cohesive Economy, the initiative drives the recognition of the collective ASEAN identity, paving the path for greater regional cooperation moving forward