Centres Of Excellence


Centres Of Excellence

ASEAN Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities

The ASEAN Centres of Excellence underline ACIOA’s commitment to making the ASEAN digital transformation an experiential journey where progress is felt and seen.

Within the open-innovation ecosystem of the Centres of Excellence you will:

  • Engage with business owners, CIOs and tech vendors in dialogue on sector-specific ICT masterplans and ideas to bridge the regional digital divide
  • Interact with and learn about the latest ICT solutions developed to address many of today’s industry-wide challenges
  • Experience first-hand the cornerstone technologies of tomorrow’s ASEAN Smart Cities

An initiative that supports the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020 in the “Deployment of Next-Generation ICT as Enablers of Growth”, the Centres of Excellence aims to bring together players of all scale from the ICT industry in one symposium to share expertise, ideas and dreams.

Beginning with one location, the ultimate aim is for the Centres of Excellence to expand their presence across the entire ASEAN region. Through the Internet of Things, you will be able to visit the Centres from anywhere in world via an online virtualisation of the physical space.

It is ACIOA’s belief that the Centres of Excellence will be a decisive factor in bringing the businesses and communities of ASEAN forward into the digital era.