CIO Academy

The CIO Academy is our centre for professional development. Here, we offer members the avenue to refine their portfolio of executive management competencies, a skillset that includes communication, leadership and talent retention to name a few. The workshops and programmes organised by our affiliated practitioners are suitable for all levels of management from the aspiring CIO to the CIO looking for the added edge to stand out from others in their field.

At the CIO Academy, you will acquire an impressive array of transferable skills that will prove invaluable as you embark on your next step forward and upward in information systems management.

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The CIO Academy houses a library of reports, articles and research papers on all matters ICT, giving our members access to a trove of information at the click of a button. ACIOA also runs academic publication partnerships with the top universities and academic institutions in ASEAN, providing compelling insight into the best young minds from the region, on what they envision for a digitally-run global community and how we can best prepare for it.

Read about the latest ICT forums and events, emerging technologies, shifting trends in consumer behaviour and more in our selection of publications down below.