The Government encompasses the associations, statutory boards and ministries involved in the provision and regulation of goods and services vital to the public welfare. Collectively, these parties are referred to as the public sector.

The government generally holds major stakes in the following industries:

  • Defence, training and maintaining a full-time armed force or a conscript army in the case of nations with smaller populations like Singapore
  • Education, establishing institutions and facilities such as schools and centres for upgrading skills of the workforce and training competent teaching professionals
  • Housing, constructing equitably-priced public housing estates for a growing population
  • Utilities, developing infrastructure required to deliver power and water to households and businesses, and co-producing in some cases

ICT allows serving a country-sized consumer base to be more efficient and personal, with online portals streamlining the process of seeking clarification and assistance, and schools adopting the use of mobile technology to improve interactive learning. More significantly, through the incorporation of ICT, the government sector reinforces the belief in a digital economy for the future.